What’s Hello Mini Games?

Hello Mini Games is a social mini-game portal, created in HTML5. Enjoy playing different event mini-games and group social games inside the app.

You can only create 2 accounts for one device when you register.

How do I participate in an event?

When you play an event mini game, you will automatically join the event. Prizes will be given to winners at the end of the event.

How do I check on the winning entries after the event?

Go to “Drop Down Menu > Gift Box” to check the winning history and prizes.

What is a Heart?

Hearts are required to play a mini-game and group game. When you play a mini-game, one of your Hearts will be deducted. 2 Hearts will be deducted for an event game.

If you do not have any Hearts, you cannot take part in mini-games and group games.

How can I get Hearts?

Hearts are automatically replenished when you play. You can get 1 Heart for every 30 minutes of play, up to a maximum of 5 Hearts.

If you think it’s too long to wait, or want to top up quickly, you can get more in the Store as follows:
1) Free Top Up: If you complete the required actions related to ads (e.g. installing app), we will give you the relevant number of Hearts.
2) Purchase Hearts: You can buy Hearts via in-app purchase payment .
3) Redeem Hello Points: You can buy Hearts from the Store with Hello Points.
4) Missions: You can get Hearts by completing specific missions.
5) Invite friends: You can get Hearts by inviting your friends.

What are the benefits for recommending friends?

When your friends sign in and add your username, we will give you 20 Hearts.

What are Hello Points?

Hello points can be used everywhere in the Hello Mini-Game application. You can get Hearts, purchase necessary game items and buy actual products or vouchers, that opens for a certain period of time. *Only limited stocks are available.

* You can’t buy Hello points but can only get through missions and completing actions.

How can I get Hello Points?

You can’t buy Hello points as Hearts through in-app payments, but can only obtain it with the following actions:
Missions: We give you Hello Points when you’ve achieved certain missions. Please note that these rewards can be changed at anytime.

What’s a Group?

A place where you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy playing 1:1 matches.

What triggers notifications?

The Push notifications alert you to the following:
1) News
2) Match results
3) Increased Hearts (Friends, free charge, buying Heart)
4) When you’re ranked in a range for prizes on the Leaderboard
5) When you are out of range for prizes on the Leaderboard
6) When you receive prizes, after the event ends

How can I stop push notifications?

Switch off notifications from ‘Settings>Push Notifications’, to stop push notifications.

Where can I get my prizes?

You can check your prizes in ‘Drop Down Menu>Gift Box’ menu.
Click the prize list and select ‘Get Prizes’, it will be sent to you by email.

Note: If you don’t redeem your prizes in time, they will disappear.

Why did I not receive the email message?

Emails may be stopped due to automatic spam filtering by your email provider.

What can I do if I deleted the message for my gifts?

Go to Drop Down Menu>Gift Box” on the prize list of the menu. You can send it again up to 3 times.

How do I change my information (email, name, password, etc.)?

You can change your user information in “Settings> Edit My Profile.”

Note: You can’t change your email address and username.

What if I forget my password?

You can use ‘ID/Password Find’ function in ‘Login’ page.

How can I close my membership?

Go to “Settings> Delete Account”

*When you delete your account, any remaining Hearts, your Hello points, the results of competitions and your prize list will be deleted.

* The information that you’ve entered when signing in will be archived for 30 days after deleting your account and will be removed after that.

*It is possible to rejoin the service 30 days after deleting your account.

How can I contact support?


Go to “Settings> Contact Us” feature, or send an email to the Hello Mini-Games team at support@hellominigames.com. We’ll answer as soon as possible.

If you have lots of questions, please understand that it might take a bit more time for you to get an answer. Thank you for your patience.